Marilyn Drynan

Marilyn Drynan came on the scene on the 16/9/1984 where she teamed up with Vicky Pickering and Marianne Rigby to win the teams Triathlon. This was made up of 5km run, 17km cycle and a 5km canoe leg. First North West Canoe Club record was set in the 1985 Mixed TC2 Championships where she teamed up with Jim Wright to set a time of 59min 57sec for 10 km. This was the start of many more records to be set over the following years. Marilyn has paddled twenty Gregory Canoe Marathons, eighteen Katherine canoe Marathons one BV100 and one Murray River Marathon. Up until 2006 Marilyn had competed in ten Queensland Marathon Titles and seven Australian Titles. Marilyn still competes in Queensland/ Australian State Titles today. On many occasions Marilyn would have to be promoted to the higher class or to the Mens class. She always lived up to her moto (Kill Maim and Destroy) and always loved beating the men.  Marilyn would have to be one of the North West Canoe Clubs best competitors. Majority  1st place and it would be rare occasion not be in the medals.


Marilyn was the North West Canoe Club treasurer for many years. Again she carried out this duty with excellence. Similar to the Canadian Mounty (They always get their man), well if someone owed the club money, Marilyn always chased the person down to pay the debt. The North West Canoe Club appreciate this hard work and made Marilyn a Life Member.

Marilyn was made a Life Member in 2002.

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